Why is it so difficult to make a decision?

Have you ever been in this situation?

Yes, you have and might still be facing this issue.

Why is that we can’t decide and stick on to our decision?

Mentally we have prepared and have made the decision, but we don’t have the confidence or the courage to reveal it. We try to hide those decisions and struggle with conflicts within us that ruin our mental peace and happiness.

We are unable to share our decisions be it professional life, friendship, relationship or any where? It is tough. We begin to assume and imagine all the possible results that could occur if the decision is shared to the concerned person.

Fear of the consequences is always a barrier.

We begin to worry about the other person’s reactions, words, and their opinion. Why should bring these thoughts in our minds. I mean you have all the rights to voice out your opinion and be firm at your decision.

At work, we hesitate to share our thoughts, opinions or even critical decisions that we have made decision to move on. Fear of being fired, fear of guilt, or you tend to feel what will your boss think or say. Many a time we bear all the blame and harsh words even when we are not at fault. Am I right?

But we don’t have to do that, I’ve been doing that, there was a time when my colleagues used to call me a corporate slave/corporate doormat. One of my colleague advised me not be so submissive to everything that is being told by mt managers or whom so ever it was. We need to take a stand, be assertive and learn to voice out your opinion. In this process we need to make sure to be humble, soft spoken and mind your sentence. It took a lot of time to do this and I’m still struggling.

In case you are facing a similar situation or you have been like this, change now. You have all the rights as an employee. You need to focus only on meeting your targets and following the compliance and policies of the organization. Respect is important at work and not fear. Remember to …………

So take all the courage to share your concerns at work and your decisions without holding yourself. You will definitely get solution and be happy with your decision.

Never reveal your personal challenges and financial crisis that will make you weak in taking decisions, because you would feel that in case you voice your opinion, then you might lose the job and may not be able to cope with the crisis. Never be emotional with your work and make decisions. You need to respect your job, take ownership, love your work and be happy with what benefits it provides you. It is essential to keep all your feelings aside and work and think practically.

With family, relationship and friends, we have emotional connection, therefore, you need to be cautious when you make a decision. Because it could damage the bond that you have with that person. Therefore, see all the pros and cons and then make a decision which will be a win win situation. You can’t afford to lose these connections, they are permanent and will always stand by you in all odds.

Tips to consider while making a decision:

  1. Avoid making decisions emotionally or with ego.
  2. Trust your intuition
  3. Don’t fear the consequences.
  4. Seek Advice
  5. Write down the pros and cons of your decision.
  6. Don’t change your decision once you have made up your mind.

I hope you liked this article and believe me it is true that we all face similar situations. Many have changed with experience and some still struggle.

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Thank you for your valuable time!

  • Hema Aloysius

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