About Me

Hi, I’m Hema Aloysius, a Corporate Trainer from Bangalore, India. Welcome to my Blog!
I am happy that you took time to stop by and read my about page.

Being passionate is the key to make your dreams come true. Trust me it not only depends on passion alone. Passion will lead to work hard to make that dream successful.

I’ve been creative from my childhood. and loved to read books and used to be excited in writing. I love writing, and never missed an opportunity to write notes fro my friends be it, school or college. This writing skill that I possessed made be write articles for my school and college magazines every year.

After my education, I had my Bachelors degree in English, a degree Teacher’s Training.
I took my first job as a teacher. A wonderful experience to be with kids however, due to financial crisis I moved into the Corporate world after 4 plus years of experience in the teaching field.

Initially, it was tough to cope with the corporate culture and work in shifts. Having the determination of not giving up i quickly adapted to the change and was promoted to the Learning & Development department. Being passionate about teaching helped me move into training and I love my role. It’s been 8 years now and I’m happy in my professional life.

Being creative, I started making jewellery, painting, hand embroidery and home decor products and used to sell in flea markets, and customers offline.

I’m new to blogging and really hope to see that you read and share your thought and support me in this journey.

I remember a decade a ago, my tenant advised me start a blog, back then I did not pay much attention and I was not active on social media and was a layman. I ignored and then years passed, and it’s been a year since I decided to have my you tube channel. I tried taking my creativity online and did by a domain and hosted it with GoDaddy. With the help of you tube designed the website using the word-press theme. Never had the guts to launch my website. I was hesitant wondering if it would click.

But this year I did buy another domain in the hope of following my writing passion and created this website – www.alc4u.com.

What you will find in my blog?

Having overall experience of 12 years in the Teaching and Training Departments. I’ve decided to write blogs/ courses on Softskill, Personality Development, Career Guidance, Tips for Students, employees and Relationship. My focus would be to help all the students, fresh graduates, or anyone who are unable to deal with certain issues. With my experience I would like to share all the tips that could help you.

Thank you for patiently reading about me and looking forward for all your support.

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